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December 15th, 2008, 4:59 pm

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I know the lack of updates is inexcusable. I was depressed all summer break and didn't do much of anything. Then school hit. But I'm free from school for a little while now and my passion for comics has been resparked. I've taken an art class at school, not that you can tell, but it did motivate me.

From now on, pages will be inked because you deserve better than what I've been putting out. In fact, while I will NEVER redraw my old pages, I am going to ink over the pencil on the old pics and replace them instead of deleting them and starting over. Hopefully tonight I have Page 2 re-upped (I lost pg. 1 >_>)so go check it out.

I got THE BEST SECRET SANTA DRAWING EVAR this year: http://secretsanta08.smackjeeves.com/comics/509044/a-gift-for-s0ra/
*nose bleed*

For all you Minoru/Shinya fans, I have the next real comic page half way done and it features our boys in color ^_^ I'm really excited about it!



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Ooh!!! Lookit all the pretty colors. ^_^



That's the best you can say? XP j/k

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