Ch. 2 pg.9- Kouhei past arc- Owari!

February 22nd, 2008, 11:45 am

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The lighting in the room really affects the scans. When it's snowy like today, the sun reflects off the snow and it gets pretty bright in here (er...I also may have broken the lid off Mom's scanner >_>)

Anyway! Kouhei/Ruri/Shinya past arc, OVER! Yes! Now we can get down to business.

I know Ruri looked totally different when she was a kid and Shinya was even girlier...They've both changed alot as they've gotten older ^^ (Kouhei never changes ^^;)

I'm using a new font from now on. Do you like it? Kouhei says 'Just stay still'. To me, still looks like...a different word there with that font ^^;;;

I'm going to make a page for Professional Destruction next. I feel bad for not updating for a moth, just when I was getting to the action. (Please try reading that comic if you don't already ^^ If you like this one, you'll like that one too)

PS: Since I don't think I mentioned it, the 'power' is transfered by the power-holder clasping hands with the other person and concentrating. As you will see latter on, the reverse is also possible and the power can be forcibly taken ^^





Why do people keep un-faving? Am I doing something wrong? I'm very sorry....

I'm getting scared...If there's something you'd like to see (besides better art. I have weak hands, so it's impossible for me unless you want to buy me a hand-transplant) let me know. I want to make all 9 of you happy.

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