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They wanted a magical girl...they got a boy instead. Mahou Shounen Igarashi-kun is a magical boy sent to defeat the evil baku eating people's dreams! Will he succeed when there are rival magical girls, magical girl's ex-magical boyfriends, magical plushies of doom and other such standing in his way!? Will it turn into a BL story!? Find out! Reads left to right. Updated when I feel like it. May contain trace elements of BL. Those with allergies, be advised. Currently slowly replacing the old pages with inked versions. So, if some are inked and some aren't, that's why.

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Pg. 12- CHU!
Pg. 12- CHU!

Mahou Shounen! Igarashi-kun launches!

Today marks the momentous date of the launch of Mahou Shounen! Igarashi-kun! Comics coming soon!

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